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Everyone has a story worth sharing.

Take the risk. Put it out there.


Cinematographer - Editor - Producer
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I'll never forget when I was young and starting out in the film world, I was on a job in San Francisco as a DIT. Just before lunch, in walks the director, an old school guy who has been around for a century, and the DP, who is pensive as ever. The director is complaining about how the subject "didn't give enough" and we should probably interview her again tomorrow.

The DP comes over to me and asks me to pull up a shot where, right in the middle of her answering a question, he tilts down to her hands. They're fidgeting, twisting, picking at each other and shaky. It's clearly more than nerves. 

The DP says, "I think that's her whole story right there." And he was right. 

What I learned, and what I have spent my entire career developing, is the ability to see the story. It's not always where you expect to find it, but it is always there.   

My promise is simple: my full creative capacity-- a determination to do what is best for the video--no ego, no bullshit. 

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The most important part of a new relationship

is good communication.

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Featured Photo Series: The Guar

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